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The Moroccan Biosafety Association (MOBSA) was created in October 2009 by a group of scientists concerned with disseminating information about the spectrum of Biological Risks and the impact on public health, animals, agriculture, plants and the environment. Most of national stakeholders misunderstand dual use implications of advances of modern biotechnology and life sciences research. In Morocco, the majority of the scientific community looks at Biosafety and Biosecurity only from the perspective of biological diversity concerns (compliance with the Cartagena Protocol). Very little education and awareness exist in terms of the unintended consequences of research and laboratory accidents nor it exist in terms of deliberate misuse of life sciences technology for harm. Attentive to the risks arising from laboratory and industrial activities, transport and release to the environment of dangerous wastes and other activities involving the health and agricultural sectors, target issues of MOBSA, our association aims at defining Biosafety as a multidisciplinary scientific field. Professionals from different fields, such as biology, chemistry, diagnostics centers, agronomy and food technology, pharmacy, medicine, nursing and law are brought together in this promising discipline.

At a wider level, MOBSA was also founded to promote biosafety as a scientific discipline to be taught at the National Universities and serve the growing needs of biosafety and Biosecurity professionals in the Kingdom of Morocco and at the MENA Region level. It will seek to advise and support the government on the implementation of new legislation and standards in areas related to biological safety and biosecurity, on the implementation of the BTWC recommendations, on biotechnology and associated activities. We wish to act as a focal point for the consolidation of views on these issues.

The Association's goals are to provide a professional association that represents the interests and needs of practitioners of biological safety. MOBSA strives to establish and communicate best practices amongst its members and to encourage dialogue and discussions on developing biosafety and biosecurity issues. MOBSA Executive Board Members are committed to provide a forum for exchange of biosafety information. Our key objectives are:

Contribute to enhance National Capacity Building in the fields of Biosafety and Biosecurity
Development of a national Biosafety expertise (including Faculty in the Universities)
Elaborate Educational modules in French and Arabic (professional, high schools, undergraduate and graduate)
National and Regional Networking
Stimulate the safe use offnew technologies
Training BSL3 and BSL2 users
Organize site Visits to National BSL3 labs
Conduct National and Regional Surveys : Case studies
Organize National and International meetings and workshops
Contribute to solving local problems

Finally, MoBSA is open to anyone working in the field, providing unique networking opportunities. Membership is open to students and senior professionals, from disciplines as diverse as healthcare, academia, emergency response, pharmaceutical/biotech industries and regulatory affairs.

Prof. Khalid Riffi Temsamani, Ph.D
President of the Moroccan Biosafety Association
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